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Amanda Kloots
and Amanda Kloots Fitness

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As a former Broadway dancer and actress, NYC Rockette, current co-host of the talk show The Talk, a New York Best Selling Author, and owner of a fitness company and clothing line, Amanda Kloots was looking to restructure her branding to incorporate all her ventures. 

I created a 200-page Brand Strategy Report for the Amanda Kloots brand, including Amanda Kloots Fitness. The comprehensive report comprises a situational analysis, examination of current company practices, and branding trends. I also completed a competitor analysis which compares the company to its top 8 competitors in the market. The project concluded with a listing of rebranding ideas, including user tested colors, logos, and complete website redesign to improve her communication and business strategy.  

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Branding Suite

I designed a new branding suite focusing on all ventures Amanda is involved in. This rebranding included new photos, fonts, and colors, and was incorporated into her website, fitness app, and across all social media platforms.

Logo Suite

As part of the branding suite, I created 2 new logos suites were created including multiple iterations for her website, product, app, and social media use. Each were based off her current logo, but used an updated color and font pallet to give the brand a fresh look.


I created a desktop and mobile website version was created to change the sole focus from her fitness brand to Amanda as a personality as a talk show host, New York Times best-selling author, clothing brand owner, and incorporated her fitness brand and app.

Documents created

Brand Strategy Report
Project Research Template

Research Template

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Project Questionaire

Project Presentation

Client Presentation

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