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Projects Demonstrating


The following are multi-faceted projects in which I analyzed each organizations’ communication strategies, conducted research, and provided recommendations for meeting their individual business goals. Each project includes a comprehensive report, recommendations to improve current business practices, and collateral to begin the process of rebranding.

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Brand Strategy Report
for the Amanda Kloots brand

As a former Broadway dancer and actress, NYC Rockette, current co-host of the talk show The Talk, a New York Best Selling Author, and owner of a fitness company and clothing line, Amanda Kloots was looking to restructure her branding to incorporate all her ventures. I created a complete brand strategy report for the Amanda Kloots brand, including Amanda Kloots fitness.


The project concluded with a listing of recommendations for the growth of the company including rebranding ideas, user-tested colors, logos, and a complete website redesign to improve her online presence, connection with her viewers and customers, and overall business strategy.  

Rebranding Suite
for The Hive Winery & Distillery

I conducted this project with a team of Strategic Communication specialists with the goal to analyze The Hive Winery and Brandy Company's marketing efforts and develop three recommendations as to how the organization could improve its visual branding. After presenting our research findings and recommendations, we executed the design work associated with each recommendation. 

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IMC Plan
for Elvie Shane with BMG and BBR Music

I created a comprehensive 76-page Integrated Marketing Communications Plan for Elvie Shane, an artist signed with Broken Bow Music in Nashville, TN, and under the umbrella of BMG in Los Angeles, California. 


From the results of all research, findings, and data collected, I created marketing objectives, strategies, and tactics to produce deliberate and intentional approaches to help strengthen marketing efforts and achieve overall goals and benchmarks. 

Copywrite Disclaimer

All content featured on this website, including logos, labels, company information, as well as reports produced are owned by the companies and designers involved with the project. All proprietary information is and may contain copyrighted and proprietary information. The use of any and all content on this website for purposed other than for the intended audience is prohibited.

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