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The Hive Winery & Brandy Co.

The purpose of this group project was to analyze The Hive Winery and Brandy Co.’s marketing efforts and develop three recommendations for the organization on how they could improve their visual brand. After presenting our research findings and recommendations, we executed the design work associated with each. 

My responsibility on the team was to conduct a user survey and provide the team and client with a summary of the findings. I helped in conducting research for the logo and label redesign and all designs related to the complete PMP, Creative Brief, Research Plan, and Recommendations Report. I aided in the revision of The Hive’s visual identity including a new logo, label, and style guide, and used the new brand rules proposed and industry research conducted by creating a new digital program for the client's tasting room.

The Hive Logo.jpg

Logo - Before

The above logo was used by the company prior to the redesign. This logo was found on their website and all winery and distillery products.

Gold Logo.png
Black Logo.png

Logo - After

The client wanted to keep the bee icon as well as the red, yellow, and black colors that were currently being used. We chose richer shades of their preexisting brand colors to better match the desired aesthetic of their target demographic. The bee icon was also updated to stand out amongst competitive products, as well as follow current market trends.

The Hive Label.png

Label - Before

The above label was used by the company prior to the redesign. This label was found on one of their specialty wines, however, their other product labels followed a similar format and design.

Screen Shot 2022-04-15 at 3.49.04 PM.png

Label - After

The client wanted to keep the information they featured on their labels and worried about customer retention and product recognizability if the label design was changed. The team did extensive market research to determine the best way to alter and modify their current design to incorporate current trends. A survey and focus group were conducted to gain customer feedback and to aid in the new design of the label.

The Hive - Research Report.png

About the Company

The Hive - Research Plan.png

Research Plan

The Hive - Survey Data.png

Survey Data

Tasting Menu Digital Display

Documents Created

The Hive - Creative Brief.png

Creative Brief

Digital Displays Created

Copywrite Disclaimer

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