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Belmont University
The Belmont Story Review

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The project for Belmont University's literary magazine The Belmont Story Review included a complete branding redesign. This included a new logo, colors, fonts, style guide, and website.


There were many people involved in the approval of the overall design and rebrand for the Belmont Story Review project. Before the redesign even began, several ideas were pitched to the client prior to being chosen for the project. Numerous considerations were made due to its affiliation with a prestigious University and its financial support by government funding and grants. Once chosen for the project, several iterations with different copy and design combinations were created and approved by editors, staff, student reps, and faculty advisors. 

Branding Suite

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A new branding suite was created accompanied by a style guide. This rebranding included new logos, fonts, and colors, and was debuted on their website, social media, and publications.

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 “Working with Anna [and Casie] was a true pleasure. They were flexible for scheduling meetings, responsive over email, and balanced educating me and my team about the branding process with asking great questions to help understand our project goals. We ended up with a product we really love (new website complete with rebranded logo suite) and are proud to use. I had a great experience with Anna and Casie and would recommend them to anyone!”


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Media Mention
Announcement of Rebrand

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Copywrite Disclaimer

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