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Elvie Shane
with BMG and BBR Music


Integrated Marketing Campaign

Elvie Shane is a country music singer signed to BBR Music Group under the umbrella of BMG. After the success of his single, his team including management, agents, social media reps, PR, and record label reps were looking for a more strategic plan as they were heading into the release of his debut album.


A comprehensive 76-page Integrated Marketing Communications Plan containing a situational and target market analysis, an evaluation plan, and an ethics assessment was created. Objectives, Strategies, and Tactics were formed, including multiple social media campaigns and strategies.


From the results of all research, findings, and data collected, marketing objectives, strategies, and tactics were created to produce deliberate and intentional approaches to help strengthen marketing efforts and achieve overall goals and benchmarks. 

BBR Project Proposal.png

Project Proposal 1

BBR Project Proposal.png

Project Proposal 2

Social Media Campaign

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